Zebit @ www.zebit.com

The Zebit product from Lending Stream LLC was launched in 2011 at the address of www.zebit.com. When I last checked, they offered the option of either the funds being sent directly to your bank or the funds could be instantly uploaded to the Zebit prepaid card that was issued by IDT Financial Services Ltd. Other than having the prepaid card sent through the post you could have just used a virtual card online. Zebit has now dropped their prepaid card and simply offer a flexible loan that can be taken between 7 days and 7 months that can be repaid early to save. You can either choose a weekly or monthly schedule. The weekly option is cheaper that may have to do with them receiving more frequent payments.

The cash sums range between £50 and £800. Per £100, the weekly schedule would cost £16.52 for a month (4 payments) whilst the single monthly schedule would cost £25. They did have a charge for a same day transfer, but now provide this for free. A further incentive in place is that when you make payments on time with them you will build up a cashback balance. Account log and SSL is used at www.zebit.com. The Zebit loans contact number is 0333 200 2522 whilst they just use a contact form for email support. This is of course a brand from the same team behind Lending Stream. The weekly schedule cost is competitive that should help them to make a mark in this sector.

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