Wonga @ www.wonga.com

Arriving on the scene in 2007, Wonga has today grown to become one of the most popular finance brands on the web. Their loan product at www.wonga.com was designed in a way to transform the traditional payday loan. Their flexible short term loan was the first of its kind. You can choose here the particular loan date that can range from just 1 day and 36 days. The loan amounts are also highly flexible starting at just £1 that moves up to £400 as a first time customer. An existing customer may qualify for the maximum sum of £1000. Getting their service out there early aided them greatly, but they do market themselves well offline, such as in their sponsorship with the football clubs (Blackpool, Hearts and Newcastle).

The cost is competitively priced at 1% per day when the promo has been applied to discount the transfer fee. There are plenty of Wonga promo codes available to take away this fee, with the current one introduced here (Wonga Promo Code 2013). You can manage your loan on the www.wonga.com domain that is SSL secure. There are usually many queries regarding the Wonga phone number. There are many that tend to change often, but on the last check their phone number was listed as 0844 842 9109 (the automated payment line was 0207 183 0063). They can be reached 24/7 by phone that is usually a better route than using their contact forms. Finally, this lender is a member of the FLA trade association.

Short Term Lenders (below 30 days)

Top 10 Cheapest Short Term Loans: Wonga

£12.89 per £100 (12.89%) = 1.841% daily (outside top 10)

Costs with Promo:
£7 per £100 (7%) = 1% daily (#3 for short term loans).