Wonga Promo Code 2013

Wonga is one of the leading names for short term loans in the UK and with them having a promo code box clearly displayed on their homepage, this has always stood as one of the most popular payday promo codes searched for online. Alike with past codes, this Wonga promo code 2013 is designed to take away the transfer fee of £5.50 that is always included in the pricing alongside the interest. In the past their codes have usually been designed to be used for first time customers only, but the one featured today may just change this. I looked around for a Wonga promo code for existing customers and spotted an official Wonga page notice stating, “New and existing customers save £5.50 using our Facebook app”.

I would have thought that this code would only be valid when applying through their mobile app, but without using it I entered the code and it worked straight away. I assume it would also work as an existing customer as well since it does state that. If it doesn’t manage to work then it would be recommended to check their official Facebook page for a loyalty code. In regards to the cost, a £100 7 day loan with them would usually cost £12.89 in total charges. This code took away £5.89 (rather than £5.50) creating a £7 charge per £100. I assume it took a little more away due to the shorter term in place. For the Wonga promo code 2013 head over to their site and simply enter (OFFER).

Update: The above code has now expired. You can use the one attached below that is currently offered at the official Wonga site. It is unknown at this time whether this will work for existing customers. NEW2013 is the code.