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Wizz Cash (WizzCash) launched in the later stages of 2012 and so stands as one of the newer payday lenders catering the UK market. This company arises from Emergency Cash Ltd and can be reached at the address of www.wizzcash.com. You will find here competitively priced 3 month payday loans. The available sums here range from £200 to £300. A large £1000 is possible for existing customers with all figures rising up in increments of £100. It makes sense that higher loan amounts are available over this extended term, but it would be better to see them start with a minimum £100 figure. The overall cost stands at £92 per £200. This would translate to £46 per £100 that splits to £15.33 each month that is well priced.

All such prices quoted include a fast transfer. An account login is provided at www.wizzcash.com that has a professional design and encryption is used. Monthly loans can be difficult to pay off in a lump sum and the popular 6 month loans from the likes of Lending Stream and Pounds2Day are perhaps a little stretched. The 3 month term in place here is an ideal timeframe. If you wish to reach them by email then you can do so at contactus@wizzcash.com whilst 0844 967 0511 is their phone number. There has been a few changes since I last visited this lender. Some good news is that they become CCTA members. On the other side, they must now contact your employer and each applicant must be above the age of 20.

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£15.33 per £100 (15.33%) = 0.511% daily (#2 for 3 month payday loans).

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