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Vivus is a brand of the 4Finance Group that was founded in Latvia back in 2008 and is active in a dozen or so countries today. The local Vivus loans site is located at that was also setup in 2008. Other than Vivus, 4Finance trades as SMSCredit. The main feature of note with this lender is that they offer their first loan for free. The initial Vivus loans can be applied for from £50 to £300. The sums increase as loans are repaid, with a possible £700 being due in time. These are flexible short term loans between 7 and 30 days. The initial loan is as noted completely free and once you come back for a second loan you will be welcomed with an excellent rate.

A £100 loan over 7 days costs £10.80 and over 30 days this charge is just £23 that is where the real value is. The funds are transferred within a few hours with there being no further fees. There is a Vivus login at and this site is fully secure. The Vivus contact details include for emails and their phone number is 02033 555559 and they operate every day. This brand is popular across Europe, although they still have some work to do here in the UK. I have been more impressed with their product than that of Ferratum, who are another lender active across Europe. Due to the improved rate over the month, this short term lender has been placed in the monthly category.

Payday Lenders (30 days)

Top 10 Cheapest Payday Loans: Vivus

Costs (First Loan):
£0 per £100 (0%) = 0% daily (#1 for payday loans)

£23 per £100 (23%) = 0.767% daily (#3 for payday loans).