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The Vanquis credit card that heads under the name of the Vanquis Visa Card arises from Vanquis Bank that is a trading name of Provident Financial Plc. This company has locations in Bradford, Chatham and London. They launched in 2002 and have impressively served over 1.8 million customers via This shows that they are a big name, but when it comes to credit cards for bad credit Capital One looks to be the market leader at this time since they have served over 3 million customers here in the UK and over 40 million global customers (they arise from Virginia, USA). Vanquis have released just the one card although when you apply for it you will have the option of choosing between a great range of unique themed cards.

The Vanquis Visa Card has a credit limit between £150 and £1000 (£3000 is possible at a later time) and the card is issued by themselves (Vanquis Bank Ltd). The current interest rate is set at 39.9% APR that is a higher rate than that of Capital One that sits at 34.9% APR. The site is SSL secure and you can manage your card at any time from within your account login (this shifts to In regards to the Vanquis contact number you can ring them on 0871 770 5555. Confidential data can’t be sent via email and so you can’t contact them that way. The Vanquis credit card is certainly an ideal choice for anyone that has a poor credit history (even including CCJs).

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Vanquis Credit Card