Uncle Buck @ www.unclebuck.tv

Uncle Buck (UncleBuck) is a direct payday lender based in Westerham (Kent). This is a popular company, although knowing just how popular they are has always been difficult to determine with them sharing the name with the 1989 movie that adds to the confusion. They previously operated from www.unclebuck.co.uk and www.uncle-buck.co.uk, then moved to www.unclebuck.biz. As an update they are now operating from www.unclebuck.tv that has now been referenced in the post title. With there being so many domains on their roster (and there have been several others), it is difficult to pinpoint their original launch year that is not mentioned on any social sites belonging to them. They offer monthly loans between £75 and £400 to new applicants, whilst existing customers may have access to £1000.

You will be required to pay £34.95 per £100 interest with an additional £15 charge for same day cash (you can opt for a free slower payment). The interest charge has recently been increased, as it was £30 per £100 not so long ago. There is an Uncle Buck promo code box on the application form and so I assume this may discount the fast transfer fee. The www.unclebuck.tv domain is SSL secure and includes account login with the Uncle Buck design always being very eye catching. You can now apply for loans by text as an existing customer. Their contact details include the email address of info@unclebuck.biz and the phone number of 0845 873 9985. Finally, this payday lender is a member of the BCCA trade association.

Uncle Buck