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Umbrella Loans (UmbrellaLoans) is a direct payday lender that launched back in the year of 2010. They are located at with this company being based in Bolton (update: they look to have moved to Warrington now though). Monthly sums from £100 to £500 are available here, with an interest charge being set at 25% of the loan sum (£25 per £100 borrowed). This is a competitive rate considering that this charge does include a same day fund transfer. Umbrella Loans are still a relatively fresh newcomer to the scene and haven’t become a recognisable lender in their initial years trading. With the charges provided by them, they do certainly deserve more attention and hopefully this will follow for them over the coming year.

They do hold membership with the BCCA trade association today. When just checking them I noticed that they have now began pushing logbook loans. They act as an introducer here, with these logbook leads being sent to Hermes Property Services Ltd. The site has a neat design and now includes an account login feature (SSL is in place if you manually enter HTTPS). It should be noted that although a same day transfer can be provided, it does look like underwriting will initially be required. Expect delays since they strictly operate during standard business hours from Monday to Friday. You can reach them by email at or you can dial 0845 617 1338 to speak to their support team.

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£25 per £100 (25%) = 0.833% daily (#6 for payday loans).

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