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True Blue Loans is a new lender for 2013 that operates at True Blue is a brand from Fidelity Works Ltd that I believe is their only product on the market at this time with this company being located in Haverhill. The True Blue loans are available over 3, 6 or 9 months. New customers can apply for £100 to £400, but once you have borrowed from them you may be able to receive their top figure that stands at £750. There is no fast transfer fee in place here and so you will just have to factor the interest charge. Per £100 borrowed, this would be £62.87 over 3 months, £122.22 over 6 months or £190.35 over 9 months.

The True Blue Loans site at is fully encrypted, but there is no customer login. They state that early payments can be made to make savings, but this will not be easy to do without a login facility. Their contact details include for emails and 01440 702518 for phone support with this being live from Monday to Friday that is the loan processing days. This lender does appear to be strict in their eligibility requirements. You have to be earning at least £1200 each month and they must contact you at work to complete the application. This lender does carry CCTA membership. Instalment loans over extended terms creates affordable monthly repayments. You will pay around 20% each month here and this pricing just beats Lending Stream.

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£20.37 per £100 (20.37%) = 0.679% daily (#4 for 6 month payday loans).

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