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The Quick Loan Shop Ltd (TheQuickLoanShopLtd) is a payday lender that entered the industry recently in 2012 at You can apply for between £50 to £500 here with there being a fixed 25% interest charge (£25 per £100). It is good to see that they throw in a free Faster Payments Service transfer and so the 25% charge will be the only due cost that makes The Quick Loan Shop Ltd a competitive new lender on the scene. They have opted to lend over the full month, rather than offer flexible terms. I was only recently introduced to them from spotting their listing on a payday loan review site. It is of course early days for this lender, but they do send out great first impressions.

The site has a catchy design and is fully secure with an account login feature being integrated. There listed email contact is and they hold membership with the CCTA trade association today. From the recent comparison conducted here for monthly payday lenders, there was a few lenders that provided the same overall 25% charge such as for example Early Pay Day Loan (EPDL) and Speedy Cash. Only QuickQuid and Swift Sterling managed to provide improved rates over the month. 25% as an overall charge is actually competitive when you consider that it sits below 1% per day. Many monthly lenders tend to have a similar interest rates in place, but they then add on an expensive transfer fee, but you fortunately won’t find that here.

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£25 per £100 (25%) = 0.833% daily (#7 for payday loans).

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