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The Quick Cash Club (TheQuickCashClub) arises from Chandler Hart Ltd and was launched in 2012 at This company was interestingly devised by a previous employee who was involved in the development of both the FLM Loans and Quick brands. The Quick Cash Club is designed alike FLM Quick and is essentially a payday loan with a guarantor attached. The guarantor must be a UK resident above 21 years of age and they must have a good credit history, but they don’t have to be a homeowner. These loans range from £50 to £500 with the charge per £100 being set at £17.73 that does includes a fast transfer that will be processed on any working day once the agreement has been put in place.

FLM previously charged £9.74 per £100 borrowed. Once you have joined The Quick Cash Club, they will collect the interest only each month and 1% of the balance. The option is always there to clear the balance early to make savings. The site has a customer login and they do use SSL. Their contact details include for email support with the phone number of 0207 1935050 also being listed. The costs are low here and the owner has done a great job in the early days. Now that FLM Quick has closed, there is no doubt that this lender should be able to make great strides forward. The question begs whether they can convince borrowers to involve a third party in the loan process.

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The Quick Cash Club