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The Loan Store (TheLoanStore) is an established payday lender based in Edinburgh, Scotland. This company is a trading name of The Loan Store Ltd although they actually operate on the domain. They state that they have been providing loans since 2003, although this domain is much newer and so they may have started offline or on an alternative site. Although this company isn’t one of the most recognisable names, they are taking on considerable business. This is due to both Cash Generator and the Cheque Centre redirecting their payday loans to The Loan Store. The reason for this is that all of these companies are now owned by Axcess Financial Services Inc. New customers are granted £50 to £500 with £1000 being possible as a returning customer.

The interest rate is set at £29.99 per £100 borrowed. You could previously choose between a slow payment at no further cost, or £5 for a Faster Payments Service transfer or £12 for a CHAPS payment. The Faster Payments Service is now provided for free with transfers taking place between Monday and Saturday (you must apply before 5pm). The site looks good and includes an account login and SSL. They are a member of the CFA trade association. The listed contacts include for email and for phone support 0800 028 6608. There is no doubt that The Loan Store offers a valuable service and Cash Generator and the Cheque Centre applicants will receive a top notch service here.

The Loan Store