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The Finance Facility (TheFinanceFacility) is a loan broker based in Merseyside that operates from that was setup in 2009. This brand is a trading name of Secret Eye Ltd and serves a wide of loan solutions with poor credit loans being one such focus for them. The unsecured loans headlined can range from £500 to £15,000. Homeowners can receive much larger secured loans from £3000 to £100,000. A sample rate of 19.6% APR is provided although this would of course be in place for those who have a good track record in repaying debts. There aren’t many specifics provided surrounding The Finance Facility loans. No such lenders used by them are for instance not mentioned. What is notable about this company is of course their broker fee.

The Finance Facility fee stands at £79.95 that covers their broker services over 6 months. I only found out about this fee from looking within their “Terms” page with there being no further note regarding the charge clearly across the site. Charges like this are never good to see and this does look to be a tricky fee to get back, since they have the 6 month term in place. The Finance Facility loans taken at will be fully secure. If you wish to reach this broker then you can either email them on or ring them on the number of 0844 8099 313. Just remember that there are plenty of sites around that can match you to a lender without taking any money from your pocket.

The Finance Facility