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Sunny is a unique new lender at that was launched in early 2013. Sunny is a release from Think Finance (UK) Ltd who are known for 1 Month Loan (now replaced by this Sunny brand) and Quid. The Sunny loans range from £100 to £500 and you can choose between 3 and 30 days, or select terms between 1 and 5 months. £100 over 7 days would cost just £6.76. Over 30 days the cost would be £28.99. What is confusing though is that if you select multiple payments and select the single month then the cost would be £30.93. This will likely be due to the Sunny Rates reward that provides a discount on each repayment. Although you may have just selected the single month, it would be easy to simply extend without any fees and earn a discount.

Sunny Rates is a unique incentive that lowers the charges when you pay on time. That 30 day example of £28.99 that they round off to 29% can for instance drop to 15%. There is no fast transfer fee or late fees. The site includes a customer login and SSL. Once logged in you can repay early to save on charges. Sunny are open every day of the week and so process same day transfers each day. If you apply at night then they will process the loan the next day. Their email contact is and phone number is 0800 7315 444. They hold membership with both the BCCA and the CCTA. As an update, they have now been running TV ads.

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Top 10 Cheapest Short Term Loans: Sunny

£6.76 per £100 (6.76%) = 0.966% daily (#2 for short term loans).