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Square Money (SquareMoney) arises from CashCall Finance Ltd who were previously introduced here for their CashCall brand. Any visits to CashCall will now redirect visitors to www.squaremoney.com that was setup in late 2011, although the launch came in late 2012. At Square Money they did have a 1% daily rate in place, but they have now increased this to 1.3% (this loses them a few ranking places in the comparison). Between £200 and £300 was available to new customers, whilst £750 was possible for existing customers. They have changed this now to start at £80 and end at £1000. A nice touch in place is flexible terms that can be anything between 7 and 31 days. A fast transfer is provided at no additional cost.

£100 over 7 days would now cost £9.10. The Square Money loans site at www.squaremoney.com includes an account login feature and SSL security (edit: the login is currently down). You can tell that plenty of effort has gone into this site that carries an excellent design. You can reach them by phone on 0333 240 0111 or by sending an email to assist@squaremoney.com. This lender that is based in Loughton (Essex) has done a great job with their relaunch and the smaller starting amount of £80 is better, since starting from £200 was too high in my book. When checking the calculator just now, there was an error with £30 being added each time. This just looks to be a bug since the repayment schedule still works out correctly.

Short Term Lenders (below 30 days)

Top 10 Cheapest Short Term Loans: Square Money

£9.10 per £100 (9.1%) = 1.3% daily (#7 for short term loans).

Square Money