Speed e Loans @ www.speed-e-loans.com

Update: Speed e Loans have now closed. Read More.

Speed e Loans (SpeedeLoans) is a direct payday lender that arrived back in the year 2009. This company that is based in Borehamwood operates via www.speed-e-loans.com. They do also own the www.speedeloans.com domain although this quickly redirects to the main site when you reach it. You can select to take a loan either over a single month or for the period of 2 months. The funds granted will range from £150 to £500 with there not appearing to be any first time customer restriction in place. The monthly interest charge works out at £30.70 on every £100 funded. You additionally have to pay a fee of £4.95 that is in place to transfer the cash within just a few hours time via the Faster Payments Service.

There is no Speed e Loans promo code available at this time to reduce this speedy transfer fee. The www.speed-e-loans.com site itself is well presented and comes with account login and importantly an SSL secure application. Just to note that there is no Speed e Loans contact number listed on the site, with them simply providing a contact form for all such correspondence. They do hold membership with the BCCA trade association that looks to be a popular choice with many payday lenders in the UK today. Speed e Loans overall appears to be a good overall outfit. The cost is on the high side though when factoring all of the charges involved and they have also been known to be quite strict with who they accept in the past.

Speed e Loans