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Shopacheck (Shop a Check) is a doorstep loan lender that arises from Welcome Financial Services Ltd. They of course closed down their central personal loan company after bankruptcy, but they live on here. Welcome Finance is owned by Cattles Plc that was formed by Joseph Cattle in Hull back in 1927. They started in retailing, but have moved on to financial services. The Shopacheck site at arrived in 1997 although the brand looks to have been formed in the early 80s. Shopacheck stands as the second most popular doorstep lender sitting behind Provident Personal Credit. The loan sums are £200 to £500 for new customers with £1000 being available when you return to use them again. They don’t specify the available term range.

There is no loan calculator, with the only example of £300 for 32 weeks (8 months) that would cost £180 in total (£15 weekly). This equates to 60% or 399.7% APR that is interestingly the same charge at Provident for this term. Shopacheck boasts high customer satisfaction rates and they are a member of the CCA trade association. They state that they have 1800 agents with their main competitor having 11,000. The loan is controlled with the agent and so there is no account login on, but it does use SSL. They have been stepping up their advertising recently and so very much look to be chasing Provident’s tail. Be aware that applicants must be aged 21 years or over with poor credit being welcomed.

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