Second Bankruptcy: Cash Lady Dumps Kerry Katona

PDB UK Ltd’s Cash Lady brand has been in the news yet again. Kerry Katona has been made bankrupt for a second time in 5 years. This took place at Wigan County Court on the 2nd July 2013. Cash Lady of course made the news recently due to a ban being enforced on their TV ads. Changes were made and they were soon back in force and I even saw one of them just a few days ago. When their TV campaign was originally launched, they did attract lots of negative press for using Kerry Katona as the face of the brand. She had became bankrupt in 2008 after failing to pay a large tax bill and so wasn’t the best candidate to promote a payday loan business.

Kerry Katona (Cash Lady)What caused the current financial difficulties are unknown, but the story came as a surprise since Kerry looked to have been making strides forward and was working more with Atomic Kitten. In regards to PDB UK, just who they will use in the future is unknown at this time. A little pet peeve I have had when reading the various media sites regarding this second bankruptcy is that PDB UK are coined by most as being a payday lender. This is not the case, with this being a London-based broker that sends their leads on to their partners. They are certainly one of the most recognisable brokers and are notably the only broker running payday loan TV ads (not just through Cash Lady, but also Kwik Cash).