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QuickQuid (Quick Quid) is one of the most popular payday lenders today that initially launched in 2007. This is brand from CashEuroNet UK LLC (a part of Enova International Inc that is part of Cash America International Inc) with the owner arising from the USA. The QuickQuid loans at www.quickquid.co.uk can be applied for from £50 to £1000 as a new customer, although trusted customers may apply for £1500. They have always stood as one of the most popular UK payday lenders where they have battled out for dominance with Payday UK (and more recently Wonga). QuickQuid loans can be taken over the full monthly period, although you can also opt for a 2 or 3 month term. Update: QuickQuid FlexCredit Loans option now available between 1 and 10 months.

An unusual route taken by this lender is to headline three different interest rates based on the performance of a credit check. For a £100 loan these charges would either sit at £20, £25 or £29.50 that includes a same day transfer. The QuickQuid Promo Code 2013 will help to reduce these charges further. Since these loans are designed for those with bad credit, I assume that most people would attract the most expensive tier. The www.quickquid.co.uk site is SSL secure and does come with account login. Their contacts include the phone number of 0808 234 4558 and their email address is support@quickquid.co.uk. QuickQuid is a trusted lender that holds membership with the CFA trade association and they have generally gathered positive feedback over their trading years.

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Top 10 Cheapest Payday Loans: QuickQuid

£20 per £100 (20%) = 0.667% daily (#3 for payday loans)
£25 per £100 (25%) = 0.833% daily (#3 for payday loans)
£29.50 per £100 (29.5%) = 0.983% daily (#9 for payday loans)

Costs with 25% Promo:
£15 per £100 (15%) = 0.5% daily (#2 for payday loans)
£18.75 per £100 (18.75%) = 0.625% daily (#2 for payday loans)
£22.125 (£22.13) per £100 (22.13%) = 0.738% daily (#3 for payday loans).