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Pounds2Day (Pounds 2 Day) is a 6 month loan lender operating on the www.pounds2day.co.uk domain. This brand from First and Goal Ltd who are based in Middlesex sprung up in 2009. This loan is designed in a similar way to Lending Stream, although it lacks the ability to clear the balance early. You can apply for between £100 and £400 as a new customer, whilst a larger £1500 could be granted in time. The interest per month is set at 30% of the balance that is the same as it will be at Lending Stream. This charge would work out at £20 each month on a £100 loan. I have recently noticed that they actually share the same address as Lending Stream, but they are not the same organisation.

There is a slow transfer free transfer and also a same day transfer that attracts a £15 fee that is deducted from the funds sent your way. There is no Pounds2Day promo code available that would discount this speedy fee as yet. You can manage your account online at www.pounds2day.co.uk that is SSL secure. This is an emerging company that is evident from their ad campaigns ran on the TV over the past year. They are currently a member of the BCCA trade association. Their listed contact details include info@pounds2day.co.uk for any email support and 0844 243 0039 for phone support. I did see that they have a requirement to contact you at work, whilst faxed documents will be required if they can’t verify the application this way.

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£22.50 per £100 (22.5%) = 0.75% daily (#5 for 6 month payday loans).