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Pounds to Pocket (PoundstoPocket) is a 12 month loan lender that launched in 2010. This brand arises from CashEuroNet UK LLC that is part of Cash America International Inc. This American finance group has already enjoyed great success here in the UK via their QuickQuid payday loan brand. Pounds to Pocket are headed locally in London and they operate via the address of www.poundstopocket.co.uk. Despite only surfacing in 2010, this has already become a very popular company that has a great deal to do with their frequent TV ads. Pounds to Pocket have in place a 12 month term that spreads out the larger cash sums that are available here. These figures range from £200 to £2000. You can repay early at any time to make savings.

If you were to take out a £1000 loan for 12 months here you would be required to pay back the £1000 alongside £898.34 interest. This works out at 89.834% of the loan amount (278% APR) with a same day transfer included. The Pounds to Pocket Promo Code 2013 will help to reduce the charges further involved here. The www.poundstopocket.co.uk site has account management built in and all applications taken are SSL secure. They are a member of the CCTA trade association. Should you wish to reach them then their email address is support@poundstopocket.co.uk whilst their contact number is 0800 016 3106. The possible £2000 available here is on the high side and so they may choose to restrict the qualified amount and they may also ask for supporting documentation.

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