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Peachy Loans (PeachyLoans) is an impressive flexible short term lender that arises from Cash On Go Ltd and is based in London. The owner (Kristjan Novitski) was one of the founders of TxtLoan that has of course been the big player in the local text loan niche. You can access Peachy Loans via with this brand springing up in the year 2011. What you will find in Peachy is an impressive flexible short term product. The sums up for grabs can range from £50 to £500. Each customer did have the ability to choose the particular loan term that ranged between 5 and 31 days. This has now been upgraded though stretching up to a maximum of 5 months (this maximum term requires amounts above £250).

The interest is fixed at 1% per day and so when receiving a £100 loan you would for example pay £14 for a period of 14 days. There is a transfer fee charge of £5 that will get the money quickly sent to your bank within just a few hours time. The Peachy Loans Promo Code 2013 will now discount this charge though leaving just the 1% to pay. You can reach their customer service via email on or by phone on 0872 3310 433 whereby they will take your calls every day of the week. The site is SSL secure and you can manage your account online at any time. Their text function appears to be limited to early repayments and extensions, rather than fund requests. Just to add that they became CSA members in the later stages of 2012.

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£12 per £100 (12%) = 1.714% daily (#9 for short term loans)

Costs with Promo:
£7 per £100 (7%) = 1% daily (#4 for short term loans).

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