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PaydayBox (Payday Box) is a payday lender (unconfirmed) active through that was setup in 2010. This brand was previously listed as being part of Payday Exchange Ltd, but this has now been removed. They previously didn’t have a Consumer Credit Licence number listed, although one is displayed now that is shared by other brands including Payday Jungle that itself is listed as being part of Jungle Exchange Ltd. You can see great appeal for these same day no credit check loans up to £1000. This appeal falls short when you spot the required admin fee of £4. This is refunded should you be accepted by them, but if you are declined then you lose this fee and will be redirected to a partner site.

Their loans as noted are headlined up to £1000 with the starting figure being £100. The interest charge is £25 per £100 with there also be a required same day fee of £5. The site previously had SSL although this had expired and there is now no security in place. Their site has received a recent revamp though that does look much better. There is no contact number provided, but their email address is I have spotted forum threads regarding PaydayBox scam concerns, but you would have to assume that this is light of their admin fee. As a lender, it is difficult to determine their track record since reviews are lacking online and they aren’t trade association members.