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Payday Bank (PaydayBank) has always stood as one of the leading payday loan broker sites serving the UK via This domain was devised in 2007, although they launched a year later in 2008. This is a brand belonging to PDB UK Ltd who looks to have around a dozen or so payday brands on their roster today. Although Payday Bank has been a recognisable name for me personally over the years, they don’t actually carry a considerable amount of popularity in regards to online searches. More popular brands from PDB UK at this time includes Cash Lady and Kwik Cash with this being due to each of them receiving recent TV ad slots. Payday Bank headlines a 29% charge on monthly loans from £80 to £750.

They did previously headline a 25% sample charge, but have now updated to this 29% that is a more realistic likely due cost. Although they don’t mention which lenders they use, that 29% rate would point towards Payday Express and Payday UK. When just checking now, I noticed that the site had received a fresh redesign that was good to see with the content provided being more thorough regarding the service that they offer today. All applications made here will be fully secure. Their email is with their phone number being 0843 506 0187. It is unknown why Payday Bank hasn’t received TV exposure, but they still do well through being advertised extensively across the web that will be sending them plenty of business.

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