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Oakam loans are available at www.oakam.com that was registered in 2006 with their first loan store arriving in 2007. They have 20 stores across the UK (mostly in London) and their site serves the entire UK. The services catered here includes the 3 to 6 month Oakam Bonus Loan that is the focus today (£200 to £600) and there is also a Oakam Big Plus Loan (£600 to £5000). For 3, 4 and 5 months all such loans must be repaid back weekly, whilst a 6 month term has additional repayment options such as fortnightly or monthly. Their £200 loan for 3 months would cost £75 that includes a reward discount when all repayments are made on time. This £75 charge is £25 monthly that equates to a £12.50 charge per £100.

Their £200 loan for 6 months would cost £108 including the reward. This £108 charge is £18 for each month (£9 per £100). A £35 admin and payout fee is always included in the charges. The www.oakam.com site has no account login and there is no SSL used. Once you have applied, you either have to speak to them by phone or visit a store. The Oakam contact number is 0844 84 85 767 and the customer care number is 020 7099 6300. For email, new customers must use a form whilst their customers can reach them at existingcustomers@oakam.com. When applying at a branch they will require bank statements and payslips. Improvements could be made here, but they do offer great prices as detailed in the comparison posting below.

3 Month Payday Loans

Compare 3 Month Payday Loans: Oakam

£12.50 per £100 (12.5%) = 0.417% daily (#1 for 3 month payday loans).