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MyJar is a new brand for 2013 at, although this is a continuation of the TxtLoan lender that has moved forward with a new identify. TxtLoan was setup back in 2008 and they have over this time grew to become one of the leading names for text loans. This posting has been made to cover this rebranding and any product changes if applicable. The once bright orange theme is no longer in place and all visits to TxtLoan will quickly redirect to MyJar that carries a modern look, this time in mixed light colours. I’m still not sure if I’m overly keen on this revamp. The MyJar loans carry the same initial £100 to new customers, that when repaid will grant new levels that can reach £500.

There was previously a 15 day term, but they have now increased this to stand exactly at 18 days. The daily cost works out a little cheaper, but not by much. There is a MyJar login and SSL, the same text function is available and same day transfers are made every day of the week. The overall cost per £100 over 18 days costs £20 and stands a little above 1% per day. One of the major features of TxtLoan was that once you had repaid a loan, you would automatically be approved for a new loan that you simply had to hit a request button to quickly send across the funds. This is still in place and as noted they are open every day and so their efficient loan process still stands.

Short Term Lenders (below 30 days)

Top 10 Cheapest Short Term Loans: MyJar

£7.78 per £100 (7.78%) = 1.111% daily (#5 for short term loans).