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My Big Fat Payday (MyBigFatPayday) is a payday loan company arising from Stop Go Networks Ltd that looks to have sprung up in late 2011 at This broker is most commonly known through their Payday Pig brand although they own a whole host of other sites such as Cash Cow Now, Payday Parrot, Stretch Payday and so on. The My Big Fat Payday loans in question range from £100 to £1000. Their charges section highlights a 25% charge that equates to a £25 charge per £100 borrowed. There is a note though that the charges will depend on which lender is used. On a recent search conducted, Stop and Go Networks had over 20 unique payday loan brands with My Big Fat Payday being one of their more popular releases.

Some of these brands are completely unknown at this time, but those that do carry some popularity will be covered at a later date. A common trend across all such sites is the impressive site themes that are always composed by them and that is the case here at One of the issues here and with all such brands is that the SSL encryption is only valid for the Payday Gap domain of theirs. This is a broker that is well known for email and SMS marketing, although it appears that their affiliates are responsible for such messages. They do have an unsubscribe form here if these messages have been heading your way. All other correspondence must be made by using their contact form.

My Big Fat Payday