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Morses Club (MorsesClub) is a doorstep loan lender based in Hallow (Worcester). Morses Club has offices in 36 locations across the UK with their site being headed at This site was launched in late 2009 although they don’t discuss their origins. The cash loans up for grabs range from £100 to £1000 with £150 being the usual new customer restriction. There is a 34 or 50 weekly term available (there is also a 33 weekly term for Northern Ireland residents). Based on £100, the charge would be £70 or 34 weeks. This is priced well, but is more expensive than Provident Personal Credit. To apply with Morses Club, you can either call them on the number of 0870 908 7000 or fill out a basic form.

Should you fill in that form then they will get back to you to hopefully get the wheels in motion to finalise the loan. Once joined up a dedicated agent will pick up the weekly payment from your house and you would assume that with 36 locations that they would cover most of the UK. There is no account login provided at and they also use no SSL on that small application form. Other than the referenced contact number above, you can also reach them by email at Morses Club loans have been well received over the years, but hopefully we will see some updates made to the site that would be required for them to compete with the leading home collection loan lenders.

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