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MonkeyDosh (Monkey Dosh) launched recently in 2010 and offers payday loans over the full monthly term at This company is headed in Manchester and currently offers new applicants between £100 and £400 with £750 being possible for existing customers. There aren’t many reviews circulating for this company at this time, but from the outside they do look like an impressive monthly lender to opt for. There is a competitive charge of 25% of the sum borrowed headlined that equates to £25 per £100 interest. It was previously believed that there was no same day transfer charge, but various review sites noted that there is a £12.50 transfer fee in place. I assume that there will be a free transfer option available (there is no data surrounding this).

MonkeyDosh is a member of the CCTA trade association and so is following their code of conduct. When just checking the site there had been a fresh makeover that was a notable improvement. Some of the information provided before this change was a little confusing and so it has been good to see this fresh look unleashed and there is a secure account login provided. For contact, their email address is and their phone number is 0161 220 1753. Be aware that they only operate during usual business hours (Monday to Friday). There doesn’t appear to a MonkeyDosh promo available at this time. They were previously ranked in the top 10 for monthly lenders, but have been removed since their same day charge mounts up the overall costs.