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Mobile Quid (MobileQuid) launched their text loan service in 2010 via the domain. Mobile Quid is a trading name of MQ123 Ltd who are based in London. At this time you can only apply for £100 here with the loan term standing at 7 days. The charge on this £100 loan will be £12 that is made up by £6.50 interest and a £5.50 fast transfer fee. Further small charges will be in place should you apply for loans with them via text. Many text loan lenders here in the UK that initially started out with set 7 day £100 loans eventually switched to provide more flexibility such as for example Bonga Loans and Quid24. Whether this company will follow this trend remains to be seen.

The site carries a notably impressive design with a built in account login and SSL encryption. To reach their support team, you can only contact them by email at with there being no phone support at this time. You should be aware that they are only active between usual business hours from Monday to Friday that is the only time that they process applications. For simple short loans, they do look like a good outfit and have received positive feedback from the reviews that I have managed to track down. It would be ideal to see greater flexibility offered and perhaps a future promo code be released. They have of course only been around for a few years and so developments are likely to follow.

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£12 per £100 (12%) = 1.714% daily (#10 for short term loans).

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