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MiniCredit (Mini Credit) is a short term loan brand devised by MicroCredit Ltd that launched in 2008. They operate via that has account management integrated and all applications taken use SSL encryption. For those that have not used this lender before, you will have access to anything between £100 and £400. They note that £1500 is a possible figure for those that regularly use them. It is always refreshing to see great flexibility on offer and this is certainly the case with this company that allows you to choose the loan term that can sit between 1 and 42 days. The interest sits at 1.3% per day that would equate to £9.10 per £100 if you were to take the loan for 7 days.

This rate is competitive, but the overall cost is dragged down by an expensive transfer fee that is priced at £19.50. There is a MiniCredit promo code available, but I am not aware just how much this will reduce that speedy transfer charge. There have been many MiniCredit complaints in the past to the Financial Ombudsman Service. From what I can gather, this appears to focus around an application and an early repayment fee (both look to have now been stopped). Other than managing your account online, you can of course control your loan with text messaging although fees will be attached here. If you have any enquiries then you can reach them by phone at 0871 890 3015 that will be live every day of the week.