MicroLend @ www.microlend.co.uk

MicroLend (Micro Lend) is a direct lender based in London that entered the payday loan space in 2008 via www.microlend.co.uk. This is a trading name of Micro Lend UK Ltd, but they are most commonly termed as MicroLend. Monthly loans that range from £100 and £500 will be available to new customers, whilst as a trusted customer you will have access to £1000. Their interest charge is set at 30% (+£0.51 fee) and so each £100 would cost £30.51. They have recently updated their loan and now have an optional same day fee of £15 in place. They have scrapped the previous £3.50 admin fee that was required though. What was confusing with MicroLend was on their homepage there is a loan calculator that ranges between 1 and 35 days.

There is no mention that flexible terms are offered and only a monthly charge example is provided and so it does look like they may be referencing when you are next paid with the full monthly charge always being due. There is no account login built in to www.microlend.co.uk at this time, but they do use SSL encryption here. They are also a member of the BCCA trade association and so are following their strict code of conduct. You can reach them by email at info@microlend.co.uk or by phone on the number of 0845 116 8000. There is no MicroLend promo code available at this time. Overall, they look to be a good outfit, with the limitation being the expensive cost when opting for same day funding.