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Madison Finance (part of Madison Direct Ltd) is an instalment loan company headed at You can apply for between £500 and £1000 with the term being either 6 or 12 months. This company has been growing fast, particularly when it comes to 6 month loans. When you visit their site you will see that they state that they operate as a lender. I have added them to the broker section for now though. This was since when I made a search through Google I landed on a “How It Works” page where they were headed as a broker and there was a listed application fee of £3.75. Their site was only setup in 2012 and so such a fast transformation from brokering to lending sounds peculiar.

They headline 299% APR and so per £1000 over 12 months you would be charged £957.20. This is exactly the same charge that you would pay at Ladder Loans who you would assume that they are referring applicants to. The Madison Finance loans are taken securely at It is noted that it can 24 hours for underwriting. Operational days are not listed and so this would be expected to be from Monday to Friday. For contact they only list the email address of From studying the content, I do get the impression that they are still acting as a broker. It may be the case that they are now lending and so if confirmation is received then this post will be updated.

Madison Finance