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The Luma credit card was launched in 2012 from MI Money Ltd (part of the Media Ingenuity Group) located at The Granite credit card was introduced in a previous post that is an earlier brand from this company. Whilst their Granite product is issued by Vanquis Bank Ltd, this Luma card is issued by Capital One (Europe) Plc. Whilst the Capital One Classic card sits at 34.9% APR, the Luma sits at a higher rate of 35.9% APR. This is interesting since their alternative Granite card is cheaper than that of Vanquis (the displayed APR figure is anyway). With being launched in 2012 it still remains to be seen just how popular this credit card will become, although I do expect to see big growth in 2013.

As an update to this, they have actually ran a TV ad for the brand and so have been growing quickly. As noted, the charge will be 35.9% APR and customers will be granted £1500 as the maximum limit on this MasterCard. Most of the work on the site is carried by Capital One. For example, the application form and the account login are both redirected to Capital One. For those looking to contact Luma, you can do so by the listed phone number that is 0800 597 0065. One unique feature with them at this time is that they have been running a 0% deal on new purchases (now removed). They additionally run the Luma Rewards incentives to offer regular store discounts to their loyal customers.

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Luma Credit Card