List of New Payday Lenders 2012 and 2013

This will be a regularly updated post that caters new payday lenders 2012 and new payday lenders 2013. You will soon find referenced companies that were simply launched in both 2012 and 2013. Many people are interested in finding brand new payday lenders or at least relatively new payday loan providers since they have already used the likes of Payday UK, QuickQuid, Wonga and so on. They may have had bad experiences with these companies or may just be looking for someone that provides a more efficient loan service. Any such newly formed companies will certainly be looking to stand out from the crowd that usually equates to more flexible terms, lower charges or some other feature that would help to differentiate them.

We are still in our early stages and so have focussed on adding introduction posts starting with the most popular names. This means that many new lenders have yet to be introduced, but we will be hoping to have coverage of them all as soon as possible. In the meantime, to give you an idea of the newest direct payday lenders, it would be recommended to check out the names standing in group #5 of our List of Payday Lenders Not Brokers. This group contains those relatively unknown today with many being new starters. Once most of the lenders have been covered in introduction posts, we will be able to provide the lists of both those new payday lenders 2013 and the older 2012 names.

Each lender has been introduced in individual posts here if you wish to learn more about them.

New Payday Lenders 2013…

True Blue Loans

New Payday Lenders 2012…

Access Fast Money
Cash Cafe
Cash Central
CFO Lending
Dosh Express
H&T Payday Loans
Remedy Loans
Square Money
The Lending Well
The Quick Cash Club
The Quick Loan Shop Ltd
Tide U Over
Wizz Cash

More Companies and details to follow soon.