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Liquid Advance (LiquidAdvance) is a payday brand arising from Yes Solutions Ltd that can be reached at This domain was registered back in 2007 although no details are provided on the particular launch time. This company has arrived in from the USA, but just which brand they run in their home country is unknown. The Liquid Advance loans range from £100 to £360 for new customers, with £750 being available for return customers. The starting sum on the application form is £200 though. The interest rate is fixed at 35% and so you would pay £35 on every £100 that you borrow. There is a listed same day transmission fee of £10 that is now noted as being a required charge and so the full cost will be set at £45 per £100.

The site design looks neat in its vibrant purple theme and there is a customer login and SSL integrated within it. If you wish to contact them then their listed email contact is and their phone number is 0845 834 0998. I haven’t been familiar with Liquid Advance myself thus far, but the online advertising that they receive is quite minimal at this time. Be aware that transfers are made on working days only and so you should receive same day funding if you apply between Monday and Friday. The market average interest rate is around 30% and so 35% does fall on the high side. There is no sign of a promo code at this time to discount the transfer fee.

Liquid Advance