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Lending Stream (LendingStream) is a 6 month payday loan service that reached the UK in the year 2008 at www.lendingstream.co.uk. Although locally based in Middlesex, Lending Stream LLC is headquartered in Wilmington, USA. They additionally run the Zebit service locally. The Lending Stream is as noted an extended 6 month loan. They were one of the first loan providers to cover this period, with Pounds2Day recently following the trend (who they share a building with). The maximum term is only set for loans above £180. The term will be 4 months for amounts below £100 whilst between £100 and £180 will be 5 months. For a long while they promoted that you could clear the balance at any time to save on charges, but they now state that you may be entitled to a statutory rebate.

The available cash is £50 to £800 with £1500 being possible for return customers. This lender has made a few changes. What they have done is note the same day transfer as free, but they have simply increased the costs to factor this fee. The Lending Stream Promo Code 2013 is no longer available. In regards to the current costs you would pay £272 per £200 over the 6 month term and so are paying 22.67% monthly. An account login and SSL are in place at www.lendingstream.co.uk that has received a recent revamp. They are both BCCA and CCTA members. Their support can be reached at 0203 564 7028 or at info@lendingstream.co.uk. From studying reviews online, responding to customer enquiries is something that they need to work better on.

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£22.67 per £100 (22.67%) = 0.76% daily (#6 for 6 month payday loans).

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