Lending Stream Promo Code 2013

Update: Promo codes no longer available here.

The Lending Stream ranked in the 6 month loan comparison posting as the cheapest lender that was achieved via the use of their discount code that reduced the fast transfer fee. Lending Stream offers a slow free transfer or an optional transfer via the Faster Payments Service at £15 that is discounted from the funds sent. The Lending Stream promo code 2013 will take away this £15 fee and allow you to receive same day funding with the only due costs then being the 30% interest that is taken monthly from the reducing balance. This code is most commonly searched for as the Lending Stream voucher code. The collective demand isn’t significant, but it is an important code to cover since it ranked them as the cheapest 6 month lender.

One of the issues with all such codes made available from this lender is that you can’t simply enter and validate it on the homepage. Instead you will be asked for a code throughout the application process. This makes it a little difficult to track whether the codes still work or not. This Lending Stream fast transfer promo code is essential for the fact that £15 is an excessive fee for a Faster Payments Service transfer that is usually priced around £5 or £6. The Lending Stream promo code 2013 is the one that has been used elsewhere on the web and this is (LSWS1). I can’t comment on whether this code will be valid for existing customers, I’d assume that it is for new customers only.