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Landa Loan (LandaLoan) is one of the newer payday lenders on the block that arrived in late 2012 at This lender is based in Ayr (Scotland) and also trades as Car Repair Finance. At Landa Loan you can apply for between £100 and £500 with the terms being either 1, 2 or 3 months. The cost for each month is displayed as £25 per £100, but you will in fact pay £26.70 over 30 days. This creates a charge of £80.10 per £100 over the 3 month term. The funding is not clearly detailed, with them for instance in one section stating that the funds will be take a few days with there being a same day transfer option, whilst on another page it states you will receive the funds within 24 hours.

Most lenders that have put together extended terms usually take a percentage of the balance each month that reduces as payments have been made. Landa Loan should really be following this by taking a cut of the balance, but these loans instead work similar to a traditional payday loan having rollovers. The site has a clean design, but does lack account login and secure SSL applications. You can reach their support on the number of 0843 216 8653 between Monday and Friday. Their email contact is It is always good to see new lenders, but Landa Loan will need to improve their service to become the top lender in Scotland that at this time is deserved by The Loan Store.

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