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Ladder Loans (LadderLoans) is a brand from Inventive Finance Ltd that looks to have launched at back in 2011. From digging further into Inventive Finance I noticed that they are listed as being part of the Dollar Financial Group (known today as DFC Global Corp). They are a big name in the industry, owning Payday Express, Payday UK and The Money Shop stores. It may be the case that DFC have witnessed the great success that Pounds to Pocket has received and they want a piece of the action. PTP are of course part of Cash America International Inc (well known for QuickQuid). The Ladder Loans in question can be taken over 6, 12 or 18 months and the available sums range from £500 to £1500.

£1000 over 12 months would require a repayment of £1957.20 (£957.20 charge). In comparison, Pounds to Pocket charges £898.34 per £1000 that is 7.49% monthly (this cuts down to 7.22% with their promo). With Ladders Loans, this monthly rate would be 7.98%. A free same day payment is included. The quote taken at is SSL secure, but there is no Ladder Loans login feature at this time. Their email contact is and their phone number is 0871 5592 909. If you wish to clear early then you will have to phone through and there is an additional charge for doing this. Other than this, this looks to be an interesting lender to follow.

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Ladder Loans