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Instacredit that is part of NKK Finance Ltd is a new short term lender for 2013 that can be reached at This company appears to be newly formed in London and so they do not share any ties with the Instacredit brand that trades in Costa Rica. The Instacredit loans are headed between £50 and £500 on their provided calculator, but they note a restriction of £300 for new customers. These are as noted short term loans with their being a term range set between 1 and 31 days. The interest rate is 1% daily and so over 7 days £100 would cost £7 and there is also a an arrangement fee listed at £5 and so you would be charged £12 on this sample loan.

I had initially assumed that this £5 charge would cover their fast transfer fee, but when you look in their FAQ you will see that they state that they offer a slow payment option and a fast transfer option (with no price being noted) and so the true cost in this regard is unclear. The Instacredit loans can be securely applied for at that does come equipped with a customer login. Monday to Friday is their only trading days. For contact you can reach this lender via the email contact of or on the phone number of 0207 193 4746. This company only recently launched in 2013 and so the coverage and feedback for them online is minimal at this time.