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H&T Payday Loans (H&TPaydayLoans) was launched on its own domain in 2012 at the address of www.handtpaydayloans.co.uk. They of course arise from H&T Pawnbrokers that is part of H&T Group Plc. H&T (Harvey and Thompson) became active in 1897 with them only recently looking to take a slice of the online market. Instant Loans Direct was covered recently that was the dedicated partner for H&T, but they now as you can see lend directly. The charge on each £100 per day costs approximately £0.67. This would equate to £4.67 for 7 days or £20 for 30 days. These are competitive rates, although for a quick transfer you will have to add £7 (otherwise a slow transfer is available).

The available amounts range from £50 to £300 for new applicants (£750 for existing customers). The term range is stretched from 1 day to 35 days and you can repay early. You can manage your account at www.handtpaydayloans.co.uk, but this is not SSL secure with this only being in place at www.handtpawnbrokers.co.uk that is linked across the new site. H&T who are based in Sutton list phone number of 0800 838 973 and email address of info@handtpawnbrokers.co.uk. H&T Payday Loans look impressive and they of course have over 190 stores across the UK. Just to add that Instant Loans Direct was actually cheaper, but is now priced the same. H&T Pawnbrokers are members of the BCCA and the CCTA.

Short Term Lenders (below 30 days)

Top 10 Cheapest Short Term Loans: H&T Payday Loans

£11.67 per £100 (11.67%) = 1.667% daily (#8 for short term loans).

H&T Payday Loans