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The Granite credit card will be introduced today that is more well known as simply the Granite card since they use this in their address of The company behind this product is a MI Money Ltd that is part of the Media Ingenuity Group. Although this is a branded Granite credit card, these cards are issued by Vanquis Bank Ltd. This product was released in 2010 and they have interestingly released a new branded card in 2012 by the name of Luma that is issued by Capital One this time. It is difficult to analyse just how popular the Granite card is today since they don’t provide any details on their existing customer base. Their popularity based on Google search queries is quite impressive though.

Granite card and Granite credit card are interchangeably used for the name of this product and so there is no official name for it. It does carry many of the same characteristics of Vanquis including the eligibility requirements. One of the key differences is the displayed 34.9% APR figure that is lower than the Vanquis rate of 39.9% APR. This is a variable rate though and so you may end up paying the same costs. The available credit ranges between £150 and £1000 (£3000 is possible in time) that is the same as the issuer and this will be a Visa. The site does use SSL encryption, but account management is redirected to An added feature is the Granite Rewards in place. For all contact, 0871 770 3060 is listed on their site.

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Granite Credit Card