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FLM Quick (FLMQuick) is a competitively priced loan service that was setup in 2008 that can be found at www.flmquick.co.uk. FLM Quick is a product from The Richmond Group who are most well known for their Amigo Loans brands that previously went under the name of FLM Loans. Alike with Amigo, FLM Quick requires the backing of a guarantor although the demands are less strict than they are with Amigo. You must find a guarantor that must be a UK resident of 18 years of age. They must have a good credit history, but there is no need for them to be a homeowner. It may be an obstacle for many to involve a third party, but if this can be done then you can enjoy one of the most competitively priced bad credit loans in the UK.

Funds between £50 and £500 will be available here, whilst the actual terms are very flexible. You could just treat this a payday loan and pay back after a month, but the option is there to pay back at any single time to save on charges with a set range between 1 day and 24 months. With the requirement of a guarantor, this means that a low priced loan can be provided. The actual charge works out at £9.56 for every £100 borrowed over the full month that includes a transfer on the same day. There doesn’t appear to be a FLM Quick promo code available, although you wouldn’t expect them to lower the charges any further as they stand. The www.flmquick.co.uk site has account management integrated and does use secure SSL encryption.

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