Ferratum UK @ www.ferratum.co.uk

Ferratum UK (FerratumUK) is a short loan lender operating locally in the city of Liverpool via the www.ferratum.co.uk domain. This is actually just one such country that they operate in today with the Ferratum Group from Finland catering a wide range of countries (in the region of 20). The company arrived in the year of 2005, although the local launch came in 2006. Although the majority of lenders featured on this site specialise in subprime lending, you will find that Ferratum will likely turn down those with bad credit. They for instance require all applicants to be above the age of 23. To cover the charges in place here, the interest over 7 days sits at £6.60 per £100 borrowed and you must also add £5 fast transfer fee.

Existing customers can apply for loans by text message if required although extra charges will be in place for these messages sent. These short term loans that are headed as Mobile Micro Loans range from £50 to £300 with the terms in place sitting between 7 and 45 days. When I previously checked this lender I noticed that they had set the flexible terms to be fixed over the month, but they have now upgraded the product. The www.ferratum.co.uk site has received a recent makeover and is equipped with account management and SSL (the login was not functioning on last check). They are currently a member of the CCTA trade association. Should you wish to reach them then you can do so via the contact number of 0151 448 7324 or on the email address of customercare@ferratum.co.uk.

Ferratum UK