FastQuid @

FastQuid (Fast Quid) today carries a great deal of popularity online with this company being reached at that looks to have been setup in 2011. They state that they are not a broker or a lender, but act as an introducer. They are based in the United States, but do show British currency and are targeting the local market. The main banner headlined cash up to £1000 that can be delivered within the hour. The monthly charge example that they provide shows £14.75 per £50 (£29.50 per £100). If you leave the page without filling in a form you will be faced with a popup that is a little intrusive. This site is not SSL secure, although it states that the form in place will encrypt data.

There is as noted a great deal of popularity surrounding FastQuid that may be due to aggressive marketing strategies, perhaps by email or by mobile phone messaging. They don’t appear to have a great search engine presence at this time. I did initially think that many of the queries made for this company (that are mostly local) could be skewed by searches for FastQuid that were meant to be for the QuickQuid lender. This doesn’t appear to be the case though since many searches are made for, whilst QuickQuid operates at What is interesting here is that although this is a small introducer site, they actually carry more popularity than any broker site in the UK today that includes the likes of Kwik Cash and Payday Pig.