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Fancy a Payday (FancyaPayday) is a direct lender based in Bournemouth that serves monthly loans via This brand is listed in their terms page as a trading name of Response Funding Ltd and as a trading name of Total Home Loans Direct Ltd in their FAQ. Either way, Fancy a Payday and THL Direct are both companies from the same owner. Fancy a Payday launched a year later than THL in 2009, with both of these brands carrying a similar level of popularity. The loans available are small sitting from £100 to £250. The interest per £100 is £30, there will also be a £25 transfer fee and the transfer fee also strangely attracts interest at 30% (+ £7.50). This equates to a total charge per £100 of £62.50.

This rate at 62.5% stands as one of the most expensive rates on the UK market today. It does state in their FAQ that a 48 hour loan is available that would just require the £30 per £100 charge, but they now only display a same day loan application. This application form that is headed over at is not secured by SSL and there is no account login feature integrated here either. The Fancy a Payday contact number is 0871 288 3764 and is their listed email contact. There is a no credit check headline, but this like much of the data provided is unclear. To just pay the 30% charge only, you would be best ringing them to ask them about proceeding with the 48 hour loan option.

Fancy a Payday