Early Pay Day Loan (EPDL) @ www.earlypayday.co.uk

EPDL Rebranded as Cash Window in 2013. See this post for their new details.

Early Pay Day Loan will be introduced here today with this lender also being commonly known as Early Payday and EPDL (they also often tend to term themselves as Early Pay Day Loans). They stand as one of the more experienced payday lenders in the UK today having launched back in the year 2003 on the www.earlypayday.co.uk domain. This company is based in Maidenhead and offers monthly payday loans that can range between £100 and £400 for all new customers with £800 being available to return customers. The EPDL interest charge in place is an impressive 25% of the loan amount funded and so this would equate to a £25 per £100 cost. This 25% charge does include a same day transfer that makes their overall pricing competitive.

Early Pay Day Loan does carry valued experience in the industry and this brand was recently purchased by Albemarle & Bond Holdings Plc. They now fund all of the Albemarle Bond online loans due to this. You can manage your account online at www.earlypayday.co.uk that is SSL secure. There hasn’t been many changes with their site over the years and fortunately this is also the case with their pricing that has remained the same whilst some of their competitors have attached chunky fees for same day transfers. The only issue with their speedy funding is that these are only paid out between Monday and Friday. For contact, you can either send an email to info@earlypayday.co.uk or you can dial 0845 653 1365 to reach them by phone.

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Early Pay Day Loan (EPDL)