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Update: Debit Card Loans have now closed. Read More.

Debit Card Loans (DebitCardLoans) is a direct lender operating at This site looks to have sprung up in 2009, although they state within their about section that they have been lending since 1984. No further detail is provided surrounding the roots of this company that is based in Luton. The headlined loans range from £100 to £800 with a note stating the restrictions will likely be in place for new customers. The interest will work at £30 for every £100 borrowed with a further charge of £15 being required for same day funding (slow option is free). As expected, owning a debit card is a must for this loan to be processed and all applicants must be above the age of 21 years old.

The site is simple in its design and doesn’t include a customer login feature, but the application form is SSL secure. There is a badge on their site that labels them as a CCA trade association member, although I couldn’t find any further reference to this anywhere on the site. They also take phone applications on 01582 496064 although this line will only be live between standard business hours (from Monday to Friday). Their email address is listed as and so from this I headed on to that was just a blank page (they do look to own the domain though). This is a relatively unknown lender on the scene today, but from studying past reviews they have been well received from their customer base.

Debit Card Loans