Debit Card Loans and Speed e Loans Closed

There has been a series of payday lenders closing down their loan services in recent times that just shows that although the demand is greater than ever, the industry has become too competitive for many companies to survive in. The most recent witnessed closures has seen the fall of both Debit Card Loans and Speed e Loans. The Debit Card Loans brand that traded at looks to have surfaced in 2009, although they did reference that they had been lending since back in 1984. This Luton-based lender wasn’t a recognisable industry name over the years. Should you visit their site just now it simply states that they no longer offer loans and that those with existing accounts can reach them on the contact number of 01582 496064.

We then move to closure of Speed e Loans. This was a recognisable lender that launched back in 2009 and they operated from I had been aware that there was an issue with this company for a while, as when you visited their site they had attached a currently under maintenance notice. Speed e Loans have in fact now entered administration with the administrators being appointed to them in July 2013. Speed e Loans had devised an impressive payday loan service, although it was priced quite high compared to the leading names. They also tended to be more strict with who they funded loans to over the years. This was a popular company though and they had even received a fair amount of media coverage.